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Donala announced a new program to assist our customers who find themselves in a "tight squeeze" financially.  We have called it the Donala Customer Assistance Program (DCAP), and in conjunction with Tri-Lakes Cares, it is a way to assist customers who are having problems with their bills in these tough economic times.  With forclosures and job losses continuing, and other issues that force some of our customers to look for assistance, this is a way we think we can help.

Customers looking for assistance can pick up an application from the Donala office at 15850 Holbein Drive or from Tri-Lakes Cares (TLC) in Monument.   The completed application needs to be submitted to Donala.  We will research the customer history and pass it to TLC for a determination decision.  Applications should be submitted prior to disconnection of service being initiated.  Communication with Donala or TLC is the key. 
Logically, an important aspect of the process is water usage.  If a customer is abusing the system and using too much water, yet applies for help paying for it, approval is doubtful.

We realize that in a community like ours there are not a whole lot of customers in such dire economic straits as in other parts of the area and county.  However, we have become aware of a number of customers in need, and we believe that the rest of us who have the wherewithal to help also probably have the desire.  If you are interested in assisting our residents in need, please print and complete the form below.  Either mail, or place the completed form in one of our 3 drop boxes or come see us at 15850 Holbein Drive. 




I hereby grant permission for Donala Water & Sanitation District to add either $0.50, $0.75 or $1.00 to my monthly water and sewer bill for donation to the Donala Customer Assistance Program (DCAP).  To end the contribution at any time please call or email us.  We thank you for your contribution.

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Donor's Name: ___________________________________________________

Acct No: ___________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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